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Tsuda Shokai History

​What’s TSUDA?

What's Tsuda

1, Experts of exporting JDM Fishing Tackles

Tsuda Shokai has exported to more than 180 companies in 66 countries around the world. With over 80 years of experience in exporting fishing equipment, we are experts in exporting fishing equipment. 

We sources fishing tackles from more than 80 Japanese manufacturers. Your various needs to handle fishing tackle of all genres can be met with us.

Please do not worry even if you have no experience in importing from Japan. Our experienced and knowledgeable trading staffs will answer your questions.

Our company has English- and Chinese-speaking staffs, so you can communicate directly with us.

If you have questions you want to ask the manufacturer, we will act as an interpreter to assist you in communication.

Enqueries about Japanese fishing tackles are also no problem. Our sales staff, who know Japanese fishing tackle inside and out, will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Tsuda Shokai will support your business as a team based on the experience we have cultivated over the years.

Tsuda Business Network Map
Importing Japanese Fishing Tackle
Experts of Exporting

2,High Quality OEM Production

We have been providing the OEM production for many parts of the world, including the North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We cannot give details, but they are famous brands that everyone knows!

The OEM production we manage ranges all kinds of Fishing tackles, from lures, rods, reels, lines, hooks, apparels to many various goods.

We have our own subsidiary in Shanghai, China. 

Under Japanese management and training, our experienced Chinese staff are well equipped with product knowledge and trade operations know-how.

You can rely on us handling factory selection, price negotiations, and consolidation of shipments from multiple manufacturers, making us a one-stop shop for all you need.

We will reduce your burden of complicated chores at a reasonable price.

If requested, we can also assist you in developing OEM products from scratch, incorporating our know-how of producing ADUSTA lures.

Please contact us for more information.

OEM Production, Fishing Lures
OEM Production, Jig Lures
OEM Production, Fishing Rods


Even before Japanese fishing tackle became popular around the world in the late 2000s, we were the pioneer to expand its business overseas, introducing Japanese fishing tackle at various exhibitions and events.


We have exhibited at "EFTTEX", the largest fishing tackle trade show in Europe, every year since 2006. And Tsuda Shokai has won the "Best New Product" award three times with our own products as well as those of our client manufacturers. We continue to enhance the reputation of Japanese fishing tackle and keep introducing high quality Japanese Fishing Tackles to the world.


2011 : Tsuda Shokai Co.,Ltd: Best New Fishing Rod 2nd prize: “Hayate Rod”

Tsuda EFTEX Award in 2011

2017 : Gosen: Best New Braided Line Award: “GOSEN CASTING 16 braid”

Tsuda Gosen EFTEX Award in 2017

2019 : ADUSTA: Best New Hard Lure Award: “Zacrawl SC” 

Tsuda ADUSTA EFTEX Award in 2019

4,Collaborating with Suppliers and Local markets

We don't just supply products, but we work closely with manufacturers and local markets to promote the Japanese fishing culture to the world.
In the past, together with suppliers and the local communities,  exhibitions, product demonstrations to local anglers, and fishing tournaments were held.

Lure fishing in Vietnam, Squid fishing in Thailand, and Carp fishing in China, these are such example that we help to promote the fishing culture in each local market.

Collaborating with suppliers and local market
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