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ADUSTA won the runner up (2nd) prize in EFTTEX 2022.


ADUSTA New Item, Various Chatter, won the runner up prize in EFTTEX2022 Digital Best New Product Showcase.

We are pround to announce that ADUSTA new item, Various Chatter, received the second prize (runner up) in EFTTEX Digital Best New Product Showcase 2022*.

The Advanced Blade Jig【Various Chatter】

The main feature of the Various Chatter is its adjustable blade(PAT.P). Anglers can adjust the lure to have a different action and search different depth range by changing the tip of the blade. Combining with two different trailers, it can be further used in various situations.

See its action in the video below.

We are the official export agent of ADUSTA.

If you are interested in handling the ADUSTA in your country, please contact us here.

*EFTTEX is the largest “B2B” fishing tackle trade exhibition in Europe.

EFTTEX Digital Best New Product Showcase 2022 is the first and unique online challenge for all new fishing industry gear and gadgets.

The Showcase has proved to be an instant success with more than 100 worldwide brands nominating their products to become category winners

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